Wwe smackdown results bleacher report

With the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view coming up on February 21, this week's show was all about building up the event and the feuds that will make up the card. Roman Reigns promised us a big announcement regarding the universal title this week, but after Kevin Owens surprised him with a Stunner last week, The Tribal Chief had to keep his eyes peeled. This week also marked the return of Seth Rollins to the blue brand for the first time since Survivor Series after he appeared during the men's Royal Rumble match.

What did Reigns have to say about the Universal Championship? What does The Messiah have planned now that he is back? Let's take a look at everything that happened on this week's episode of SmackDown.

Make sure to refresh this page for live results. Reigns, Paul Heyman and Jey Uso came out at the top of the show. Adam Pearce was waiting in the ring with a binder. Reigns told Pearce he had no authority over the champ and he is just there to wait on him. The Tribal Chief said he would put Edge into retirement again if they end up fighting at WrestleMania.

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He promised to keep the title for as long as he wanted before asking about Elimination Chamber. Pearce told him he had a contract that said Reigns would defend the Universal Championship inside the Elimination Chamber. Heyman took over and told Pearce Reigns would only defend the title at the PPV, but he wouldn't do it inside the chamber.

Pearce said he would think about it, but he confirmed Uso and Owens would be given spots in the chamber after running Reigns close in recent months.

Reigns got in Pearce's face but ended up leaving without doing anything violent. This was a solid segment, but it didn't reveal anything we didn't already know. We knew there would be qualifying matches, and we knew Reigns would defend the title in some way at the PPV. The Tribal Chief is great in this role, but this segment bordered on repetitive. We've seen him assert his authority with Pearce before, so this did not tread any new ground.

Uso getting a spot inside the chamber was the most interesting thing to come out of this. Heyman, Reigns and Pearce were all good, but this segment was almost unnecessary. Sonya Deville turned a tag team match featuring Sami Zayn and Baron Corbin taking on Rey and Dominik Mysterio into a chamber qualifier for both members of the winning team. Zayn gave a promo before the match that ended with him getting taken down by father and son.

The ref called for the bell, and The King started fighting Rey. Zayn tripped Rey, so Dom hit him with a suicide dive that almost ended with the young Superstar crashing into the announce table. We returned from a break to see Rey trying to fight back against Corbin. Corbin took the from both opponents, but Zayn ended up hitting Dom with a Helluva Kick for the pin and the win. Seeing a father and son team up in a WWE ring is always fun, but when it comes to this feud, WWE needs to stick a fork in it, because it should have been done by now.

Corbin has fought both Mysterios in singles and tag matches with no meaningful storyline behind them so many times that it is almost too obvious that nobody has any idea what to do with the Mysterios now.

Zayn's pre-match promo was as good as you would expect. He is amazing at making a nothing match seem like a main event because he is so passionate in his delivery.

As far as the fight is concerned, all four guys did a decent job. Zayn and Corbin winning was the right call, too.On the heels of a historic Royal Rumble victory, Edge returned to SmackDown Friday night with the status of his WrestleMania championship match unknown.

Would The Rated R Superstar officially reveal that he intends to challenge Roman Reigns at The Showcase of the Immortals, or was his highly anticipated announcement again to be interrupted by one of the blue brand's top stars? And what about the women's Rumble winner, Bianca Belair? The EST appeared, too, with championship aspirations on her mind. Did she reveal which title she intends to challenge for come April 11 and 12 in Tampa, Florida?

Flanked by Jey Uso and advocate Paul Heyman, universal champion and "Head of the Table" Roman Reigns made his way to the ring to kick off the night's show. He wasted little time putting the past behind him, admitting he doesn't like recapping.

Instead, he's looking to the future, and the future Reigns called himself the main event and questioned why Edge wasted time on Raw and NXT, saying he should be groveling at The Tribals Chief's feet and begging for a place on the Island of Relevancy. Reigns ordered Edge out, but the Royal Rumble winner did not appear. Do I look like a fool, Paul? Do I look like a man who wants to play games? Reigns is the best thing about the WWE product right now and making a serious run at best character in the entire industry.

The Tribal Chief is so good, an egotistical franchise player who has no tolerance for those who don't recognize his greatness and significance to the WWE product. His reaction here when Edge denied his request for an appearance, his voice cracking as he asked why the Hall of Famer would play games with him, was such a fantastic touch whether it was intentional or not. The Tribal Chief staring intently into the camera, with an intensity that suggested bad things for The Rated R Superstar if he does not comply, was great.

A great start to kick off the night's broadcast and a tease for the segment later in the night. King Corbin attacked Dominik and Rey Mysterio before the first scheduled match of the evening, leaving the future Hall of Famer to nurse his injuries. Corbin wore Dominik down, grounding him and working over the rookie. A pre-commercial twisting neckbreaker after the timeout allowed the second-generation star to fight back.

Corbin cut him off with a Deep Six, though, again grounding the youngster while Rey shouted words of encouragement from the ringside area. At ringside, Dominik sent his opponent into the announce table. From there, Rey grabbed hold of the King of the Ring's ankle, allowing Dominik to neutralize him and put him away with a top-rope frog splash. The grade may suggest averageness, but this was exactly what it needed to be. It was simple, did not expose Dominik's inexperience, and gave him and his father a measure of revenge against their primary tormentor of late.

Corbin does not get nearly enough credit for being as good as he is. Three years ago, he wouldn't have been able to have this quality of match against someone with as little televised ring time as Dominik.This show, airing for the rare time on FS1, promised an impressive event ahead of the last big pay-per-view of the WWE year. After feeling slighted by the "biased" Slammy Awards, Sami Zayn decided it was time to create his own annual award show: the Sami Awards.

He presented his year-end successes for the world. This show had so much going for it, and it was all up to WWE to let the talent shine through on the go-home show for TLC. Kevin Owens called out Roman Reigns. He demanded that they fight right away. He explained that he told his family not to watch what he did to The Tribal Chief on Sunday.

He called Reigns a hypocrite and a poor example to his children. Paul Heyman appeared on the titantron, labeling Owens a masochist for putting himself in Reigns' line of sight after the beatdown he faced last week.

KO stopped listening. He headed to the back to find The Tribal Chief.

WWE SmackDown Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from December 18

Adam Pearce talked down Owens, telling him to wait for Sunday. Reigns headed to the ring as Owens walked by a monitor backstage. Reigns demanded KO acknowledge him and apologize.

wwe smackdown results bleacher report

KO marched down to the ring before Jey Uso attacked him from behind. Officials saved Owens from further harm.

Uso was sure the message had been sent backstage.

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The Tribal Chief told Jey to end this for good. Reigns' cousin attacked KO with a steel chair as he was headed to the trainer's room. In the trainer's room, Uso sent Owens through a table, demanding he stay down. The promos in this rivalry have been excellent, but this might have been the best work yet. KO's calm, dangerous tone translated so well. Even if it is hard to imagine him beating The Tribal Chief, he is clearly willing to take this fight to a level he has rarely gone.

From the family drama to the frequent mind games, this rivalry has slowly but surely risen to similar heights as Reigns' battles with Uso. It has been wonderful to watch Owens regain his fire while finding a different but still memorable chemistry with The Tribal Chief.

The stage is set for a motivated Owens to do anything to overcome the odds and truly overcome Reigns. Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode took over this match early by throwing Montez Ford into the steel barricade. Angelo Dawkins made the save, showing off his power.

A Famouser from The Showoff almost took the surprise nearfall. Dawkins blocked a superkick and planted Ziggler with the Anointment. He gave Ford the tag for From the Heavens, but it took too long for him to cover. The Glorious One got the tag, only to get caught by Ford with a handful of tights for three.

Afterward, Ziggler and Roode berated the referee Charles Robinson for failing to see the cheap tactic. He threatened to suspend them both.

WWE SmackDown Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from January 8

Profits def.Friday Night SmackDown promised to build the excitement to a fever pitch just two days before WWE Royal Rumble—one of the biggest nights of the wrestling year. This January 29 edition of the blue brand was certain to be unpredictable. Only one match was promised ahead of the night, as Bianca Belair looked to avenge her loss to Bayley.

Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens did not want to wait until Sunday to start the trash talk. This was far from all that SmackDown would give fans just days before the Rumble.

However, the blue brand was keeping it all under wraps. Could Raw stars invade SmackDown to make a statement? Would new stars earn a slot in the men's or women's Rumble matches? Everyone wanted to build momentum. The January 29 edition of SmackDown felt like a monumental occasion and a chance for WWE to truly bring the absolute best to the table before the night that will begin to define the Road to WrestleMania.

Daniel Bryan opened the show to talk about what it meant to him to win the men's Royal Rumble. He wanted to change his life again by main eventing WrestleMania one last time. He was not certain of how many more WrestleMania moments he had left.

WWE SmackDown Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from February 5

He put over Chad Gable and Otis with the Alpha Academy getting him in shape for a long difficult climb to the top. Styles pushed Bryan to the mat, and Omos got in the way of The Planet's Champion while seeking retribution.

Bryan called out Styles for standing behind the big man too often. Bryan is one of the best in the world, but his promos each week are growing tiring. He continues to play hype man for the Royal Rumble, spending too much time explaining how the match works. It will be best for him to get past the event. Styles vs. Bryan is a guaranteed fantastic clash of top talent. Both men have been considered the best wrestler in the world, and each time they step into the ring, they steal the show.

After a video package was rolled for last week's obstacle course, Bayley explained to Kayla Braxton in a pre-match interview why she was simply better than The EST and would win the women's Royal Rumble.

She landed a series of punches followed by an impressive standing moonsault for a nearfall. Bayley tried to take advantage of the injured left elbow of Belair from last week, stopping her from hitting a Glam Slam.

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Bayley has been the perfect challenger to introduce Belair to the SmackDown audience. Each segment shows more and more why The EST is not just the future of WWE, but that she's also good enough to challenge the absolute best already. This match was no different.The January 8 edition of Friday Night SmackDown felt like part two of the blue brand's celebration of the new year.

With a couple important title matches and major moments to come in building toward WWE Royal Rumble, this had a chance to be a huge show. This left the door for the announcement of a huge gauntlet match. Big E promised to be a fighting champion, and that began with the announcement he would defend his WWE Intercontinental Championship against the man that helped him defeat Sami Zayn and King Corbin last week, Apollo Crews. The Street Profits also continued their rivalry with Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode by putting their titles on the line once again.

The heels had used every trick in the book already and fallen short, but this was the time to pull out their best secret tricks. SmackDown has started out strong, but the show is only building toward a brighter future.

wwe smackdown results bleacher report

The roster needs to continue relying on young impressive rising stars to thrive in Roman Reigns gave respect to Kevin Owens for fighting with ambition. Reigns ran down the authority figure for putting an injured Owens in harm's way. He got in Pearce's face for not showing him the respect he deserved by allowing him to pick his next challenger rather than waiting on a gauntlet match.

Pearce could not defend himself as The Head of The Table approached him, wondering if he was being called stupid. Reigns backed off just barely but left Pearce with a lasting threat.

While it would have made more sense to involve the members of the gauntlet match in this segment, Reigns carried it all the same. His fierce attitude toward Pearce was difficult to ignore and set up the quiet potential of a one-off match between The Head of The Table and the veteran independent wrestler.

Casual WWE fans likely have no idea who Pearce is, but the five-time NWA world heavyweight champion could certainly sell an underdog rivalry with Reigns. It is all up to if he can be cleared for action this late in his career. The possibility of the story is limitless.

Apollo Crews came after Big E from the outset and looked to be the better man throughout. He threw around the WWE intercontinental champion with ease. After a massive superplex, the two locked legs for a double pinfall, causing the match to end in a draw. Crews demanded the title and slapped his friend in the face. This convinced Big E to restart the match.

An angry champion went after Crews until he got caught with a knee to the face. A spinebuster and frog splash nearly took the win, but Big E refused to stay down. E battled back with force, wearing down his challenger with the stretch muffler and planted him with the Big Ending to win. Big E vs. Crews goes to a draw; E def.

Odd booking and a lack of time let down an impressive and energetic sprint between two motivated performers.

Watch WWE Smackdown 13th February 2019 – 12/2/2019 Livestream and Full Show Online free

Big E and Crews were all in to make this work, and they gave fans an impressive physical war of strength and speed. A rematch should get at least five more minutes. Crews teased a heel turn after slapping his friend in the face out of frustration. It would be too early to turn him, but Crews could make a splash if this is finally what sets him up to thrive on SmackDown.

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Bianca Belair announced her entrance into the Royal Rumble followed by an interruption by Bayley, who decided to enter the match and eliminate The EST on her way to a new reign. Carmella bragged backstage about defeating Sasha Banks, making clear she is still more talented than The Legit Boss.Some changes have already been hinted at.

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WWE SmackDown Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from January 29

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wwe smackdown results bleacher report

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